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Aircraft Management; specializing in the Beechcraft King Air. From managing your aircraft’s maintenance schedule and pilot’s training, to providing armed personal security or fresh coffee, Fidelis Aviation will specialize in all facets of the management of your Beechcraft King Air. 

Our Experience


Our experience, background and training are specific to the King Air. Our Pilots are hand-picked and will be highly experienced in your specific King Air. Our customer service handlers are available 24 hours a day and focused on your aviation needs. We also specialize in King Air Training and Evaluating, Aviation Safety Training and CRM Training.

Safe, Secure & Simple


Built for doctors and lawyers, who may also be pilots, the Beechcraft King Air is the Suburban in the sky, but keep the flying to us. Your King Air may not be as fast as a jet, but if you don’t mind arriving 20 minutes later to save $5000 or more, and in equal or superior luxury and comfort, the King Air is for you.

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We not only manage King Air Operations, we manage your King Air into your Life, seamlessly.

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