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Fidelis Aviation offers a broad range of aircraft management services; sit back and enjoy your investment knowing your efforts are protected and efficient.

King Air 350i
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Fidelis Aviation's premier charter brokerage places you in command; with no limitations, regardless of the mission.

Exclusive Aircraft

Fidelis Aviation is also an exclusive charter broker, whose loyal clients enjoy endless benefits with absolute peace of mind.

Fidelis Aviation is exclusive
Fly to the Fishing

Fish the Unchartered Waters

Fidelis Aviation has the ability to take you to your destination regardless of the runway or nearest cell tower.  Let us plan your next visit off the grid.

Inner City Meeting?

If your meeting is the City at lunch, but your daughter's soccer game is in the evening, let Fidelis Aviation plan arrival.

Corporate NYC Helo
Fidelis Aviation knows no bounds

No Mission to Great!

Fidelis Aviation are planners, who enjoy a challenge and the ability to deliver its clients seamless transportation.  To our clients, we are the conduit to an uneventful flight to a destination where true memories can be made.


Business or Pleasure, your flight planned by Fidelis Aviation will be private and safe.  If your catering needs are impressive, allow us to ensure your needs are met.

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If you are not a client, we are still here to help.  Request a quote from Fidelis Aviation.

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If you are ready to invest in your need for professional aviation services and planning contact Fidelis Aviation.